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About Waqf Academy:

Continuous giving.

Our mission is to create an environment for professionals in scientific management of Awqaf and enable them to work with professionalism and high quality, the best types of users to facilitate the learning of technical provisions of Awqaf and dissemination of its provisions and culture.

  • Enable specialists in the management of endowments of tools and cutting-edge scientific methods.
  • The adaptation of the technical service of Awqaf and patrons and staff of the highest international quality standards.
  • Facilitate learning to get the best expertise in the management of Awqaf.
  • To build bridges between the owners of Awqaf and directors.
  • Spreading the rules of awqaf and its culture.

The Academic Track:

Waqf Management Diploma
Duration one academic year
Subjects Waqf Management - Fiqh Alwaqf- Waqf Investment - Waqf Law - Waqf Marketing- Waqf History
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Male Female
Single Married Married and Providing


Morning Evening
Yes No
Conversation skills Leadership skills Negotiation skills Teaching skills None

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